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Unit D 9 Tait Place Rosedale, Albany
New Zealand 

8.30 AM - 4 PM

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Wine Tags

Prices include GST

Makes it easy to label your collection.

(pack of 50) $37.15
(pack of 100) $66.75

Sleeve Clips
Prevents label damage to your bottles.

(each) $0.26 cents 
Rack Joiners
Allows you to connect wine rack modules together.

(each) $0.26 cents

Bottle Display Wine Rack
Displays bottles at an angle for greater label visibility and easier recognition and access for your customers. 

Any size and shape.
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Double Sided Wine Rack
Accessible from both front and back, these versatile racks are ideal for a isle or central storage in a room.

Go 13 Bottles high with a custom top, gives you 12 bottles in each row and a table.

Any size and shape.
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Double Bottle Wine Rack
Accessible from front, these versatile racks are ideal for space saving.

Bottles are two deep.

Any size and shape.
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Wine Racks, Wine Storage - We offer complete wine rack, wine cellar planning.
Having been developed for the discerning customer. Wine Rack Manufacturers Ltd wine racks offer outstanding quality and value, whilst being extremely functional and totally flexible.

Constructed using only high-quality materials — NZ kiln dried environmentally- friendly renewable plantation pine, ready assembled or custom-made for the domestic user.

Whether you have a closet to convert to wine storage. From an 'under-the-stairs' first-time wine-rack to a complete cellar re-fit or a complete room you’d like to turn into a wine cellar, our experts can help you fulfill your wine storage dreams.    

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traditional racks


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Unit D 9 Tait Place Rosedale, Albany
New Zealand

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